Rusenski Lom Nature Park is a protected area in the northern Bulgaria, in Ivanovo Municipality of the Ruse Province. The park was created to protect the canyon of the Rusenski Lom, the last significant right tributary of the Danube.

The area of the park is 3,408 hectares (13.16 sq mi) The park was established on 26 February 1970.

The area of the park was settled in the prehistory. During the Second Bulgarian Empire, between the 12th and the 14th centuries, the area became attractive for monks, and several cave monasteries were founded. It thus became a significant cultural center. After the Ottoman Empire took over the area, they started to decay. The remains of the monasteries are compose now a World Heritage Site, Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo, located inside the park.

The canyon is isolated, which facilitated creation of a natural environment which combines features of Mediterraneean and Central-European fauna and flora. Much of the area is covered by forest.

The nature park is a major tourist attraction. Activities include visiting the rock-hewn churches, rafting, and visiting caves.


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