The Kotychi – Strofylia Wetlands National Park meanders along the coastal zone of the North-west Peloponnese from Araxos Lagoon down to Lehaina Salt-marshes.

It is a mosaic of significant habitats with rare species of flora and fauna, tremendous natural beauty, as well as a multitude of human activities.

The coexistence and combination of these elements within a relatively small area defines the identity of the region but also raises major management challenges. Due to its exceptional geomorphology, spatial and natural features, this area can serve as both a shining example of harmonious coexistence between the Wild and human activities, as well as the rational use of natural resources with beneficial results for residents, visitors and the natural environment.

The Kotychi – Strofylia Wetlands National Park is a point of attraction for every visitor. The trails through the forest and along the lagoons, the coastal zone with the sand dunes and even the meadows that fill with water during winter, provide unique opportunities for exploration.